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Okay y’all, check this out: during a Jan 18 appearance on a San Francisco television show (which I can’t seem to embed; click here to watch the full video), Rainbeau Mars demonstrated an immunity boosting yoga routine – then shamelessly plugged her Adidas Yoga strappy shoe things. It happens during the last minute, so you have to watch 6 minutes and 24 seconds of a yoga demonstration on the two television show hosts, who dangerously attempt to practice without warming up and while wearing socks. People, do not try this at home!

It’s more than a little painful to watch. After they finish up the routine and discuss an immunity boosting soup recipe, the following conversation occurs:

TV show host: Now if i wear those yoga shoes, will my yoga moves be better?
Rainbeau: … yeah, sure… they’re like little grips. I got adidas to go sustainable, so this is my signature sustainable thing.

So what do y’all think? Is it ethical for a yoga teacher to plug her products on television? Is this a service or disservice? And will the right yoga shoes improve our “yoga moves”? Let’s hear your thoughts!


Hello from the mountains of British Columbia! I’ve been a little quiet on the blog front this week, what with traveling and reacclimatizing to my parents’ homestead (as well as dial-up internet). But I did get into my car and park in front of the community hall, so as to tap into free wireless and bring y’all the best of the yoga internets!

In keeping with the end-of-the-year theme and all, I came across Trendhunter‘s “41 Unique Yoga Innnovations” round-up, gathered from the past couple of years (not just 2009). There seemed to be a lot of dogs, yoga mat bags, sexy marketing campaigns and designer duds. And there were some actual innovations, such as the development of yoga in prisons and schools.

I have seen most of these 41 items in my newsfeeds over the past couple of years. Some of them made me giggle, some of them made me roll my eyes, and a couple of them actually inspired me (I just couldn’t get enough of the 83-year-old Aussie yoga instructor when the news broke last spring).

However, there was one inclusion on the list that simply baffled me: Mayo Margaritas, which are apparently big in Japan. I read the little article over and over and just couldn’t figure out what mayonnaise-based beverages had to do with yoga… until I looked at the subtitle and saw “Creamy Japanese Mayogaritas.” MaYOGAritas ~ the little keyword robots were just scanning for the word “yoga,” and “mayogarita” landed in the mix. And thus, the Mayo Margarita is among the top yoga innovations of the decade. What can you do?

i was looking for my karma, has anyone seen it...? oh, right, this way.

i was looking for my karma, has anyone seen it...? oh, right, this way.

The buff woman in the bikini will point you in the right direction “to karma.” just posted some creative yoga (and fitness, because you know they’re the same thing) ads from around the world. I know that we all need to accept that yoga and marketing should just get along and live in harmony, blah blah blah. While I admire the ingenuity of these ads, it’s kind of predictable (and ironic) that creative yoga marketing involves bendy, stretchy, scantily-clad women in challenging postures.

[thanks JiggaRoo for the heads-up]

frontwarmersignedSewing is one of those skills that I’ve been meaning to teach myself for a while. Now I have a reason: so I can make these supercute yoga capris out of shirt sleeves.

I’m in love with luvinthemommyhood‘s adorable step-by-step video tutorial on upcycling “shirt sleeves to yoga capris.”

So on the next rainy spring weekend, I think I’ll try to whip up a pair of these capris – and while I’m at it, maybe I’ll make some flip flops out of an old yoga mat and weave a new mat out of twigs.

Go With the Flow ToiletSo we all know that yoga can help sell cars, breakfast cereal, life insurance, etc. And we all know those ubiquitous “yogic principles” can be applied to any real life situation. But who had any idea that yogic principles could be applied to toilet design! Seriously.

The Go With the Flo™ toilet, designed by Arizona State University students, has been recognized by the Northwest Design Invitational (NDI) with some big prestigious award. Apparently, the toilet’s design satisfied the NDI’s criteria: appropriate aesthetics, design innovation, ecological responsibility and market and user benefits.

And you can add “yogic” to that list. The designers claim that “using the Flo™ toilet is akin to yoga – by building and strengthening abdominal and back muscles.” I think I’ll hold off on buying a Flo™ toilet and wait until these student designers create a toilet that promises enlightenment – and is stylish and environmentally-friendly, too.

[via Core 77 / ASU News]

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