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I’m just peeking out of my unintentional winter hibernation to send everyone warm and spicy holiday wishes! it’s all yoga, baby will be back in action in the new year. See you then!


20090917 I’ve been a little quiet on the blog front lately, while I’ve been tending to other creative projects (and adjusting to the demands of full-time French school). One of the fruits of my labour is this cover story in Hour, a Montréal arts and entertainment weekly. I had the pleasure of  talking to Scarlett James, organizer of the first annual Montréal Burlesque Festival, which starts today and runs until Sept 20. While researching the story, I was surprised to discover that burlesque faces some of the same challenges as yoga ~ tradition vs evolution, commercialization, hybridization, and the risk of being “dumbed down” as the art form becomes more mainstream. I’ll have more to say about that later… in the meantime, you can expect some kind of recap of the festival, since I’ll be checking out some of the gala events and participating in workshops and drinking martinis all weekend. Glitter and tassels and feathers, oh my!

Read about my brief flirtation with burlesque.

Hot on the heels of the coregasm post, I have some updates on next month’s Montreal Burlesque Festival (Sept 17-20). First of all, tickets are on sale now, and you can buy them online. Second, the lineup is finalized and available on the website, including adorable pop-up bios of each performer. And finally, support the festival and get a sneak peek by coming out to The Silk Stocking Revue, a fundraiser event happening on Wednesday, August 5 at the Opus Hotel. Tickets are $20 at the door ~ though if you flash a little thigh, the “box office bombshell” will knock off $5.

The show will feature some of the brightest stars in Montréal’s burlesque community:

Bianca Brightheart
BonBon Bombay
Cammie Mudflaps
Connie & Kittie
Dom Castelli
Lola Lamb
Lea Rondot
Peter J. Radomski
Scarlett James
Seska Lee

n179181930857_7531Well, it’s about time Montreal got its own burlesque festival. Vancouver has one, Toronto has one, and as the undisputed sexiest city in Canada, Montreal deserves one. Fortunately for all of us burlesque fans in the 514, some local ladies got their act together and have organized the first annual Montreal Burlesque Festival, to be taking place September 18 – 20, 2009.

So far, Coco Framboise and Michelle L’Amour (Miss Exotic World 2005) are confirmed, along with Montreal burlesque stars, Seska Lee and Miss Sugarpuss. The organizers are accepting performer applications until July 15. The weekend is going to be chock full of sexy events, including an all-star evening showcase, an awards ceremony, workshops and brunch (who says Sunday morning brunch can’t be saucy?). And since Montreal has a history of being a Sin City, there’ll be a historical, educational aspect to the festival as well. Read the rest of this entry »

one day i'll be able to do this.

one day i'll be able to do this.

So I’ve started taking this excellent burlesque dance class. Every Sunday, I’ll be shaking my booty in Miss Sugarpuss‘ Sweet Moves class, which promises “getting fit and having fun through the always sensual and sometimes hilarious style of burlesque striptease dance.”

Miss Sugarpuss combines “elements of jazz dance, Ballet, Pilates, Belly-dancing and good old-fashioned Rock ‘N Roll styles.” And that’s exactly what we got. We started off with some core strengthening exercises, then danced around like fools. It was amazing.

I’ve taken a couple of burlesque/erotic dance classes, but they’ve seemed to be lacking something. While I learned how to connect with my body, move to a rhythm and walk in heels, I wasn’t processing things. There was no sense of community or comraderie in the classes. We also learned choreographed routines to songs (including, in my first “sexy dance” class, the atrocious 90s hit “Free Your Mind“), which felt rigid and a little frustrating. I wasn’t experiencing any kind of spontaneous joy in my body. Read the rest of this entry »

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