Go With the Flow ToiletSo we all know that yoga can help sell cars, breakfast cereal, life insurance, etc. And we all know those ubiquitous “yogic principles” can be applied to any real life situation. But who had any idea that yogic principles could be applied to toilet design! Seriously.

The Go With the Flo™ toilet, designed by Arizona State University students, has been recognized by the Northwest Design Invitational (NDI) with some big prestigious award. Apparently, the toilet’s design satisfied the NDI’s criteria: appropriate aesthetics, design innovation, ecological responsibility and market and user benefits.

And you can add “yogic” to that list. The designers claim that “using the Flo™ toilet is akin to yoga – by building and strengthening abdominal and back muscles.” I think I’ll hold off on buying a Flo™ toilet and wait until these student designers create a toilet that promises enlightenment – and is stylish and environmentally-friendly, too.

[via Core 77 / ASU News]