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I’m completely charmed by this short film by Japanese director, Kosai Sekine. Not only does it satisfy my deep love of Japan, Japanese convenience stores and eccentricity in general, but it has a subtle message about being your true self and finding where you belong in the world.

The cover of 'The Hipless Boy'

The cover of 'The Hipless Boy'

Okay people, we are all in need of some good vibes right now. This evening, I got away from my computer and my cats, got out of my house and interacted with cute, interesting smart people at Sherwin Tjia‘s launch event for ‘The Hipless Boy.’

I had the pleasure of working with Sherwin at ascent and I love his work, so I was happy to celebrate the release of his new book, a collection of graphic shorts which follow a guy who “tries to live his life like an open heart, and a curious cat, meeting and mingling with a collection of Montreal oddballs.”

Sherwin gave an awesome slide show, entertaining the crowd. I won’t go into it all here, but you can get a sample for yourself on the Conundrum Press website.


Sweaty Sundays dance class: “It’s kind of an American Apparel ad come to life.”

I would love to take choreographer and performance artist Ryan Heffington’s Sunday morning dance class in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake neighbourhood, and sweat it out “to a soundtrack of indie rock, techno, and 1980s new wave hits.”

As you could gather from the above photo, participants “wear pink leg warmers, sparkly headbands and the type of tiny shorts not seen since Richard Simmons felt the burn in them in the 1980s.”

While the focus is on fitness, fun and creative expression, there is also a little bit of yoga in there, too. It’s not unusual for dancers to warm-up with “amped-up versions of yoga poses, interspersed with aerobic jumps.” A Los Angeles Dance Class With a Retro Dance Code [via Jezebel]

I probably wouldn’t have made it through my own teenage wasteland if it wasn’t for The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. RIP John Hughes

[via Boing Boing]

Girls, roller skates, commitment, passion, dedication… and happening in my neighbourhood.

Video is the fantastic work of Tamy at Tourism Montreal’s Girls’ Getaway blog. Check out the Montreal Roller Derby championship game on Saturday, August 8.

** J’aime... is a new irregular feature on stuff that has nothing to do with “yoga” but which I just happen to love and feel like blogging about.

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