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This week I lead a workshop about the joys of blogging for the staff of Girls Action Foundation/Fondation Filles d’Action. The non-profit, which advocates for empowering young women and provides resources/networking, is dealing with the challenges of implementing an organizational blog.

While I am no professional blogger or social media guru, I’m enthusiastic and passionate, and I truly believe in the power of blogging to connect people, create conversation and build community. I’m also very familiar with the unique challenges which overstretched, overworked staff at non-profit organizations face with blogging, after my experience editing and blogging for ascent magazine. The irony is that these organizations can benefit enormously from the free marketing and outreach opportunities that blogs and social media provide.

So I started off the little 1.5 hour workshop by telling the lovely GAF ladies about the evolution of it’s all yoga, baby, and the joyous community that I’ve discovered through the blog. Then I lead them through a 15 minute writing exercise, based on the amazing comic articst/novelist Lynda Barry’s excellent book, What It Is. Based on Lynda’s suggestion, I made a “word bag” composed of keywords that I pulled off GAF’s website – like “girls,” “empowerment” and “leadership.” And some that weren’t, such as “Lady Gaga,” “crush,” and “sexting.” Each woman pulled a word from the word bag and had to write about it continuously for 15 minutes, without removing her pen from the page. Read the rest of this entry »


"Uptown" Waterloo & the building where I'm working!

Those of you who have been following it’s all yoga, baby for the past little while know that I have been unemployed since the closure of ascent magazine last spring (and that basically, I just created this blog to keep myself entertained). Well, those long lazy days of unemployment are over: I’ve found a new job!

I’m excited to announce that I will be working for the excellent and amazing Tamarack Institute, as the “social media web editor” (that’s not quite my official title ~ I haven’t yet come up with one, but that’s essentially what I will be doing) for their Seeking Community campaign.

So what this means is that I’ll be able to put to good use all the blogging, conversation building and social media skills that I’ve picked up over the past few months. I’ve really learned about the power of online connectivity, and the potential that internet communities have to foster real live community in our everyday lives. I love print media, and I always will, but I am definitely much more excited about the possibilities of online media ~ it’s so much more dynamic, engaging and immediate. And I’m especially excited to be able to apply these skills in a larger context, and possibly even affect some kind of actual social change!

And this also means that I’m spending the week in glamourous Waterloo, Ontario so I can experience life at Tamarack headquarters (at the end of the week, I’ll return to my cozy home in Montréal, and work from the comfort of my living room with my cats). I’ve been spending my evenings getting to know the local yoga scene ~ I took a wonderful class tonight with the lovely and inspiring Leena Miller. And I’ll be checking out  more teachers and studios over the coming days.

While I’m all talking about social media/online connecting, I’d like to encourage y’all to become a fan of it’s all yoga, baby on Facebook! I tried to add a little box thingy on the left column, but apparently the Facebook fanpage boxes don’t really like WordPress. Anyway, please do show your love for this wee blog, and tell all your Facebook friends about it!

Huge thanks to everyone out there who has commented on or linked to it’s all yoga, baby ~ you’ve inspired me, pushed me, challenged me, and helped me understand the power of this worldwide web that we are all part of!

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