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My internet life has been a little quiet lately, and it’s going to get even quieter as I prepare for a summer savasana in the Motherland (British Columbia) for a couple of weeks. There may be some blogging, with my iPhone and new Playsport mini camcorder, or there may not be. I may have some reports on the BC  yoga scene, or I may not. I may have time to follow yoga in popular culture, or I may not. Whatever, I’ll be on the West Coast, where people know how to relax.

I will, however, have time for Hammock Enlightenment, which is the focus of Eoin Finn’s latest yoga revolution. The first official Spontaneous Relaxation event takes place in front the Vancouver Art Gallery on July 6. I won’t be able to make it because I will be in the mountains, but I will spontaneously relax in my own way (with or without a hammock ~ ideally, with a hot tub, which is my favourite way to get enlightened). Join the Hammock Enlightenment Society’s official Facebook group to stay informed of future events in your neighbourhood.

And in the meantime, here is the Hammock Enlightenment Manifesto (via Eoin Finn’s website):

We believe in the hammock as both a symbol and a tool to remedy the epidemic of busyness.
We believe that there is a time and a place for work and effort, but exhaustion is no match for being at ease with the flow of life.
We believe that by allowing ourselves time for rest we are ultimately more productive.
We believe that everyone is aware of the profound interconnected nature of life.  Being too busy does not allow us the time to consider the effects of our actions on this web of life.
We believe in taking ten minutes every afternoon to relax, breathe easily, to reset and to let our body and mind integrate.
We believe that our society is time poor and rich in stress.  A lack of time is an unrecognized form of poverty.
We believe that when we are relaxed, we are more likely to be kind to others.
We believe that life is full of simple pleasures just waiting to fill us with joy.  All we have to do is slow down and enjoy them.

Our Mantra:
“We want to make the world a better place,
By slowing down our frenetic pace,
By doing so we make the space,
To open up to Love and Grace.”


Eoin Finn opens his hips and his heart on a beautiful beach somewhere.

It’s Earth Week once again, and I’m celebrating by giving away some yoga DVDs! Eoin Finn, a Vancouver-based yoga teacher and ocean worshipper, is one of Canada’s most tireless yogi activists. He’s organized fundraisers for children with HIV/AIDS and given workshops on the relationship between yoga and ecology. He’s currently cooking up a plan with David Suzuki for a big yoga and environmental awareness event in June 2011.

Eoin’s latest DVD offering, The Pursuit of Happy Hips, may feature elite athletes and four hours of hip opening bliss, but the stunning scenery (filmed on location in Vancouver and Whistler, BC) is enough to make anyone feel gratitude for our Earth. I have copies for 3 lucky it’s all yoga, baby readers. Simply answer the question: What makes you happy? in the comments section before Friday, April 23. The 3 winners will be drawn through a sophisticated and anonymous name-drawing process.

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