WordCamp Montreal 2010 cupcake break! (image via montrealtechwatch.com)

A little shameless self-promotion here, but just wanted to let y’all know that I’ll to be speaking at WordCamp Montreal, a WordPress “unconference” this weekend (July 9/10). This little blog is powered by WordPress and I think it’s an amazing tool for self-publishing, connection and community. In my professional life, I’ve been doing a lot of social media/blogging consultation work for non-profit organizations, so I’ll be offering my accumulated knowledge to a greater audience. I truly believe that blogging is a powerful medium for non-profits and I know that many organizations are lacking the resources to utilize it. I’ve learned a few tricks over the past couple of years and have figured out some useful ways to systematize blogging – it’s all yoga, baby has been my testing ground, actually, and I’ve applied what I’ve learned to the organizations I’ve worked for.

I volunteered at WordCamp last year and have attended a few other tech community “camps” in the past couple of years. As a noobie and non-techy, I’ve always been impressed by the sense of community and accessibility of these events. I also think that they’d make a great model for yoga gatherings, rather than the corporate conference and music festival models which are currently in place. Imagine, a gathering of yogis that is user-generated, open, participatory and self-organized. YogaCamp? Yes, please!

WordCamp co-organizer Jeremy Clarke and I were on CKUT radio talking about the awesomeness of the event. Listen to the interview here.

And here’s the official spiel for my presentation:

Call to Action: Crafting Blog Content for Non-Profits
Ease of use and simplicity make WordPress an ideal platform for non-profit organizations, as well as educational organizations, small businesses and wannabe bloggers. However, even the most beautiful and functional website is ineffective if your core message isn’t coming across. A lively and relevant blog can expand your organization and increase your influence within your sector. Learn how to create a content plan that furthers your mission, entices donors and keeps your community informed – and then find out how WordPress is the best tool to implement your plan, with plenty of time-saving tips (so you’ll have more time to work on changing the world!).

For beginning bloggers, non-profit organizations and small businesses.

About Roseanne
Roseanne Harvey is a blogger and community organizer with 15 years experience working in the non-profit sector (from radio to book/magazine publishing to literacy). She serves on the board of Head & Hands and blogs at itsallyogababy.com. With great resistance, she started blogging in 2007 while working as a magazine editor, but has since become convinced of the community-building and conversation-sparking potential of the medium. Follow @itsallyoga_baby on Twitter.