Ten days ago, Vancouver made international news when its citizens rioted in the streets after their hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks, lost to Boston in the final game of the Stanley Cup playoffs. The city has since been going through a period of shock, self-analysis and healing as the downtown core slowly comes back together. And now Vancouver yogis are doing their part for the city’s healing process!

According to The Georgia Straight, on Wednesday, June 29, “there’ll be a special kind of riot at the corner of Homer and West Georgia streets in downtown Vancouver. You guessed it—a yoga riot.”

We all know that yoga can heal on an individual basis, and even coming together to practice in the microcosm of the studio can have a ripple effect throughout our communities. So imagine the power when a whole community comes together to practice in a public space which only weeks earlier had been the site of massive aggression, violence and destruction.

“Let’s join together as a community to heal and rekindle the beautiful energy of our city using the powerful practice of yoga,” promises the Facebook event page. “What’s done is done, we can’t change the past – what we can do is set wholesome, rejuvenating intention and share an abundance of love.”

Now maybe some good yoga PR can help defy Jimmy Kimmel’s perception of “angry Canada” and his proposed new tourism ad:

Vancouver Yoga Riot

6:00 – 7:00 pm, Wednesday, June 29
Vancouver Public Library Square
350 West Georgia Street