Jesse Barlow is an Oakville, ON yoga teacher with a dream of making yoga available to Canadians who may not have access to the practice, especially those living in rural areas. To fund his project, Barefoot Wisdom, he has applied to two high-profile, big money grant programs: Pepsi Refresh and Aviva Community Fund.

Both of these programs are dependent on voter support, so Jesse needs people (not necessarily Canadians) to click little buttons (first you have to register, which is kind of annoying but not that time consuming). Vote for Barefoot Wisdom at Pepsi Refresh and at Aviva Community Fund.

The Barefoot Wisdom Yoga Project is a three-part series designed to make yoga more accessible to Canadians through a cross-Canada tour, a yoga teacher training course, and a program to introduce weekly children’s yoga classes in schools. Jesse’s goal is to empower people of all ages and all walks of life to make positive changes in their lives. He sees yoga as a catalyst for creating community.

The Yoga Tour is a 108 day Canadian tour that will offer free yoga classes every day of the tour. The classes will target diverse interests within Canadian communities including at-risk teens, low-income families, and physically-challenged individuals. During the tour, Barefoot Wisdom will post a daily video blog discussing a range of wellness topics ranging from proper yoga pose alignment to eating a healthy diet. Free online yoga classes will be provided via podcast; in this way, Barefoot Wisdom will bring the gifts of yoga into the homes of countless supporters across Canada.

About Jesse Barlow: his teaching is based in experiential learning and he invites his students to draw from their own experiences to make their practice their very own. Jesse started practicing yoga five years ago after looking  to balance the effects of playing hockey and rugby. Jesse draws from the inspirational teachings of Don and Amba Stapleton from the Nosara Yoga Institute as well as from Kinndli McCollum of  Power Yoga Canada.

Vote for Jesse daily at Pepsi Refresh and Aviva Community Fund, and help his dream become a reality!