For my third mission, WonderBra arranged for me to attend a live taping of the CBC show, George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight (formerly known as The Hour, now with a new name and format). As I said in my video intro, I’ve always dreamt of hosting my own TV show so I was super excited to watch one being made! Also, I was looking forward to stepping foot inside my favourite Canadian media institution, the CBC.

The guests on the late-night magazine-style show were Canadian “treasure” Tom Green and rock band Hot Hot Heat (who played two songs, including one for the Christmas Eve special). It was just a coincidence that both guests happened to be Canadian, since Strombo (as he’s affectionately known) has a wide range of musicians, actors and politicians on the show. I had missed previous week’s guests MIA and Robert Plant (omg, what I would have done to be in the same room as him) and upcoming guests Juliette Lewis and Clint Eastwood.

I wasn’t allowed to film in the studio (although I did anyway, and got chastised by Strombo for doing it, so have since destroyed my contraband footage), but I can’t even convey how fun it is to watch a TV show being filmed and produced right in front of my eyes. There are whole lot of people running around with clipboards and doing stuff, including somebody who tells the audience when to clap and a couple of others who carry cords so the cameramen don’t trip.

When I arrived at CBC hq, the first thing I did was tweet about it, which lead to a spontaneous pre-show encounter with Strombo (see the vid for details) – we talked about yoga and his interview with Russell Simmons. I was amazed that even though Strombo is one of the most respected journalists in Canada and has interviewed some of the most influential and recognized people in the world, he paid attention to his Twitter feed and sought out a little yoga blogger like myself.

After the taping of the show was over, there was a chance for questions from the audience and somebody asked Strombo if he was ever nervous about interviewing accomplished, famous or powerful people. He responded, “No, because I’m impressed by everyone who’s alive. Just living is a big accomplishment, surviving is awesome.”

Watch the episode of George Stromboulopoulos Tonight as it aired on TV.