My second WonderBra mission: a day at the spa to rediscover my beauty. Oh yeah. In my world, “going to the spa” means going to a gym in my neighbourhood after 7pm to take advantage of half-price admission ($5) and utilizing the whirlpool and sauna in the change room. So I was delighted to spend a whole evening at a real spa, with fresh towels, a robe and pleasant smells. I booked an Alizé package at Strøm Spa Nordique on Montreal’s Ile-des-Soeurs. The package included an hour-long body treatment (a mango exfoliating chocolate wrap), a Swedish massage and unlimited access to the “thermal experience” (the Nordic style hot and cold pools).

The experience was beyond words ~ watch the video above to get a taste of things. Body work and soaking in hot water are sacred, intimate acts so I’m not able to give a lot of detail. I’m also recovering from a three-week episode of lower back pain, and the treatments and hot pools worked out the remnants of pain. I left feeling pain-free and blissed out.

As I noted in the video, I wasn’t comfortable pulling out my camera and filming while people (and I) walked around in fluffy towels and robes. I arrived at the spa just moments before my first treatment, so I was in a flurry and had no time to film beautiful environs (other than a quick shot from the balcony above the pools). Once my treatments finished, it was dark and hard to film. Anyway, whatever, excuses excuses! I’m getting more comfortable with being on camera and editing video. By the end of this campaign, I’ll be a pro!