And speaking of selling out… A couple of weeks ago I received an email from WonderBra Canada, inviting me to take part in their “Women of Wonder” social media campaign. I was one of five inspiring women bloggers who had been selected to accept a weekly mission and write about it on their blogs, with the intention of discovering something about themselves and sharing it with the blogosphere. In exchange for  weekly posts on my journey, I would receive a Flip camera, some money to fund the missions, and WonderBra products.

I was flattered, but a little skeptical. Overall, however, I was curious. I asked a bunch of questions, thought about my values and what I’m saying here, did a little research, and talked it over with my closest friends. I am anti-capitalist and anti-consumerist ~ would it be hypocritical of me to be involved in a social media marketing campaign? I am critical of the advertising world ~ is it a contradiction to be sponsored by a lingerie company?

Well, maybe. But I also saw this invitation as an opportunity to reach a new audience and inspire women with my lust for life. The weekly missions look like an amazing way to have some new experiences and learn more about myself. Most importantly, I have been working hard on this blog for a year and a half, with no financial reimbursement (other than some great books and free admission to yoga events) ~ it’s time to have some fun! And I have to admit that I was enticed by the free bras. I am a burlesque-loving yogini ~ I dig lingerie, I believe in bras!

As well, WonderBra assured me that they won’t be covering my blog with their advertising, I don’t have to pimp their products and all that is expected of me are regular posts about my missions. I did a little research into WonderBra, and they seem to be a fairly solid company. WonderBra was actually founded in Montreal 70 years ago, and their signature push-up bra, which they developed in 1964 using revolutionary “push and plunge” technology, took the #5 place in a CBC poll on the 50 Greatest Canadian Inventions.

WonderBra is no longer a Canadian company, as it was bought up by Hanesbrands Inc in the 90s. Many of their products are made in Central America and Asia, but they have a transparent Corporate Social Responsibility policy and seem to adhere to international standards for their overseas facilities. So they may not be locally produced and DIY, but they are ethical and engaged.

I stand behind my decision to be a “Woman of Wonder” and am excited about the adventure that lies ahead. As part of WonderBra’s planning for my weekly missions, I had to give them a bucket list. Keeping in mind that I have a limited time and budget for these missions (so I couldn’t include any of my big ticket items, like travel around India or publish a novel), here is a taste of what’s on my list: go rock climbing, get a tattoo, ride around in a limo for a day, swim with dolphins, hang out with Drew Barrymore, and MC a roller derby bout. Let’s see if WonderBra can make these things happen!

The first mission will be coming up next week ~ and don’t worry, I won’t let it interrupt the regular program of yoga cultural analysis  and good times that you’ve all come to expect on it’s all yoga, baby!