Now for a little self-promotion…

I’m super honoured to be talking about The Yoga of Blogging (forgive the cheezy title ~ I wanted something catchy and a little blatant) at this month’s Montreal Girl Geek Dinner!

This is what I promise:
Three years ago, Roseanne Harvey was an overworked yoga magazine editor who begrudgingly managed the company blog. Since then, the magazine has gone out of business and now not only does Roseanne spend all of her free time blogging, she finds it transformative and fun. Her blog, it’s all yoga, baby, has a dedicated readership and is known for its engaging content, lively discussions, and sense of community.

Come listen to Roseanne’s journey from the print world to the “blogasphere,” as she shares lessons learned in the trenches of the online yoga community. If you’re thinking about starting a blog, this talk will illustrate the infinite rewards of doing so. If you’re already blogging, you’ll receive inspiration to fearlessly define your niche, increase reader engagement, and spark wide-ranging conversations.

And this is how I describe myself:
Roseanne Harvey is a writer, editor and yoga trouble maker. She is fascinated by how yoga is represented in popular culture, and skeptical of the increasing commercialization of yoga in the West. As the former editor of ascent magazine, she’s not afraid to use her media literacy skills to shine a critical light on yoga culture, while celebrating service, creativity and grassroots yoga initiatives. She’s also a yoga teacher who believes in making yoga accessible and available to all people, and she teaches weekly classes at rad’a yoga centre montreal and the Mile End Mission.

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to spend a Wednesday evening geeking out to the sound of my voice? If you happen to be in Montreal on September 29, come on over to Brutopia, 1215 Crescent St (yes, it’s a pub on Montreal’s most notorious bar strip ~ which I think is hilarious and oddly appropriate) and learn about the story and the geeky girl (moi) behind it’s all yoga, baby.

In case you aren’t familiar with the Girl Geek Dinners, they are a self-organizing web of global get-togethers with a goal of making technology accessible and interesting to all age groups and all people, particularly women (although geeks of all genders are welcome). These monthly events are aimed at providing a welcoming atmosphere and a platform for learning in an informal environment. They started in London, England five years ago, with a vision actually very similar to my approach to yoga: “to encourage people to embrace their passion for something like technology and to explore what they can do with it.”

Oh, the stories I have to share! I can’t wait! Thanks to the Montreal GGD crew for thinking this blog is interesting. And huge shout out and much love to the rest of you in the trenches of this wild community. Thanks for being part of the adventure!