YogaDawg: he's just an ordinary guy, really.

Imagine my surprise when journalist Mimi Onthebeach contacted me a couple months ago and asked if she could talk to me about semi-retired yoga satirist, YogaDawg. The results of her labour have finally come to fruition, as her in-depth profile of YogaDawg, “The Yoga Mongrel” was published today.

In typical journalistic fashion, she managed to misconstrue my feelings about YogaDawg, quoting me as saying: “YogaDawg can usually stop a serious blog discussion in its track by one of his ridiculous comments or inane views on yoga. It’s gotten worse now that he has abandoned his own yoga blog. If you see him, tell him all the yoga bloggers want him to get a life or do Pilates or something.”

Really, I meant *insane* views on yoga, not inane. I also suggested that YogaDawg take up Zumba, not Pilates. Ms. Onthebeach and I talked for an hour and a half about YogaDawg’s illustrious pranks, the yoga community’s tendency to take itself too seriously, 2009: the year of the yoga blogger, and cats versus dogs (I am definitely more of a cat person, although there are several dogs out there that I can tolerate; YogaDawg is indeed one of them). I offered many gems of insight. And she went ahead and misquoted me.

The article is so in-depth and revealing that any minute now, we can expect cries of falsehoods from YogaDawg’s disciples (yes, disciples ~ his own phrasing for his followers). I predict the line “men and women press doggie treats into his hands at workshops” will garner the most defensive responses.

This might just be the piece of yoga journalism to end all yoga journalism. What more could possibly be said about yoga, now that the world’s most mysterious and controversial pseudo guru has spoken?

Read the full scandalous interview here.