Amy Ippoliti: teach yoga, make money, change the world - sure, why not?

For yoga teachers, and anyone else who makes a living doing what they love! On Monday, August 2, Anusara teacher Amy Ippoliti will be a guest on Own It, Sister!, an Internet radio show focused on women’s relationships with money and spirituality. The hour-long show will air at 10am PST.

From their website:

The recent New York Times article on Anusara Yoga and John Friend has caused many in the blogging world to ask: Is there an inherent conflict between making money and being a a yoga instructor? This begs the larger question: Where does money fit into a life based in spirit? Join Own It, Sister! for an interview with Amy Ippoliti on this far-reaching topic. Amy enjoys bridging the gap between ancient yoga wisdom and modern life. She has been studying yoga since 1986, and in 2000 became one of the first certified Anusara yoga teachers after being to drawn to it for its artistic and heart-and community-centered teachings. Amy apprenticed closely for many years with John Friend on his national tours and currently chairs the Anusara Yoga Curriculum Committee. She is widely recognized for her down-to-earth teaching approach and lucid instruction, and for assisting her students in achieving personal breakthroughs on and off the mat.

It’s an interesting topic, and something that I’m trying to personally figure out for myself. If you’re not able to hear the show when it broadcasts, it will be archived. Also, check out some of the upcoming and previous shows on Own It, Sister! ~ their mission is “to inspire women to embrace their worth, embody their wisdom and claim their wealth.”