Victoria yogis doin' yoga on the steps of the Parliament Buildings (image via

Okay, so my little blog savasana is almost over… I’ve enjoyed a lovely and relaxing time in British Columbia. No hammocks, but lots of hot tubs! While holidaying in the sweet seaside city of Victoria, I got myself a little Passport to Prana and had a few yoga adventures in between lazing in my auntie’s garden and hanging with old friends. Here is my wee introduction to the Victoria yoga scene…

West Side Yoga ~ Friday morning flow class: I never know what to expect when a class is listed as “flow.” This one, at a sweet little neighbourhood studio in the decidedly untrendy Esquimalt area, was a pleasant, relaxing surprise. I loved the community feeling in this class, as the teacher seemed to know everyone in the class and she warmly welcomed new faces. Also, since this studio was just down the street from Quebecois fast food restaurant, La Belle Patate (The Beautiful Potato), I was able to stop in for a poutine after class (feeling a little homesick for La Belle Ville).

Moksha Yoga Victoria ~ Sunday afternoon Hot Flow class: The Victoria chapter of the Moksha Yoga franchise offers up a pretty standard selection of hot yoga classes and has the clean, modern feel of other Moksha studios. I have to admit that “hot flow” isn’t really my yoga scene; however, after a week of eating a steady diet of potato salad and Jell-o at my auntie’s house, I was in need of a workout. This Sunday afternoon class provided just that, and I felt the gelatin and Miracle Whip ooze out through my pores. Also, I have to say that a sunny Sunday afternoon is the perfect time to avoid the sweaty masses ~ there were only 8 people in the class, and the room was spacious and relaxed.

Moksana Yoga Center ~ Monday morning S.A.Y. Yin class: Moksana is a beautiful studio in Victoria’s historic Fan Tan Alley, and I’ve practiced here on previous visits to Victoria, so it was good to come back. After burning off my processed food diet, swimming in the ocean and hiking through the many trails around Victoria, I was in need of some Yin release. This class did the job. Apparently, S.A.Y. stands for Self-Awakening Yoga (but isn’t all yoga self awakening?). The class felt like a regular Yin class to me, and I didn’t get a sense of what makes the S.A.Y. methodology different from other systems. But my calf muscles and hip flexors sure felt awakened afterwards.

The Yoga Studio ~ Tuesday morning mixed class: I trekked outside of Victoria to the seaside town of Sidney for this yoga class with Jeannie, a firey lady in her 60s with a big laugh and big spirit. I knew that it would be worth the journey when I saw on her website that she had studied with Swami Radha at Yasodhara Ashram (which is where my yoga roots are also based). The Yoga Studio is in a cozy space (with a black and white checkered floor, rather than hardwood) above a Greek restaurant and across from a fish n’ chip shop. This down-to-earth location suited the Iyengar-based class, which was tailored perfectly for the 15 or so white-haired students. After class, we drank tea and Jeannie told stories about her rebellious spiritual journey. I wish I could have gone for lunch with the ladies, but I had to get back to the city for more Jell-o with my own auntie.

So that was all the yoga I could fit into my full schedule of hanging times in the Garden City. For future reference, the Yellow Yogi is a wonderful resource for all things yoga in Victoria. And now, I’m feeling inspired to resurrect my Passport to Prana journey in my own city…