The fantastic Bindu Wiles – an inspiring Buddhist writer, yogi, coach, writing advisor and blogger – has created 21.5.800, a community online project and I’ve just signed up for it! How does it work? Starting on June 8, for 21 days I will practice yoga 5 times a week and write 800 words each day. Participants can write anything and practice yoga in anyway that suits them, including just hanging out in savasana.

I can’t wait to get started on Tuesday! But maybe you’re wondering, why would anyone want to take on this crazy  challenge? Bindu offers some convincing reasons:

1. Committing to a short-term project that is challenging and has quotas brings results. In other words, imagine all the writing you will have done in 21 days: 800 x 21= 16,800 words. 16,800 words is roughly 67 pages.

2. Sometimes you need a buddy  and support to get going and get back to the discipline of doing something. It’s easy to blow yourself off, but when other people are doing this and blogging about it, the energy is infectious.

3. The power of community is powerful. With other people online doing the project and blogging and/or tweeting about their process, you know that when you sit down to write or do yoga, many other people are doing the same thing and that’s a motivator.

4. Writing means sitting, and sitting means stiffness. Move a muscle, move a thought. Or for the people who are going to opt into savasana; still the body, still the mind. Either way, putting more movement or more stillness into your life is always a win.

5. Because there are tons of creative ideas and projects banging around inside your head and heart and because I care and want you to get those things out and onto the page, I’m creating a container that can be a vehicle for getting those things actually onto the page. This goes as well for the yoga: it’s easy to blow it off, but this way you are committing to a specific amount for a specific time.

And why I am I doing this challenge? Simply because I want to write but haven’t had the discipline to sit down and do it. I love structured challenges and community support, so I think this will be a good way to get the words down on paper (I’ll have 16,800 of them by the end!). Although I have to admit that the last thing I need this month is a challenge. June is already looking like a very full month. Festival season has descended on Montreal, including my faves, Suoni Per Il Popolo and the Fringe Fest. In addition to my part-time job, I have just accepted another work contract. And the World Cup starts on June 11! I’ve been looking forward to this for the past 4 years.

But somehow, in the midst of dance performances and football matches, I will find time to write 800 words per day and practice yoga 5 times a week (which, I have to admit, I already do… maybe I will vary it up, by writing while I practice or something). You can expect to hear about my journey here!

And head over to Bindu’s blog and sign up yourself!