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Lots of interesting planetary action made for some crazy yoga news this week! And some clever (and slightly random) headline writing.

Angry clients rocket Planet Yoga: What could that combination of words possibly mean? Well, “Planet Yoga” is a yoga studio chain in Hong Kong which closed this spring due to bankruptcy. UK-based paper The Standard reported that 1,000 members who hadn’t received refunds (and whose monthly payments are still being debited from their bank accounts) assembled outside a social service centre for what they believed would be a meeting with the creditors. In the end, only 300 people were admitted to the meeting, and the management from Planet Yoga didn’t show up. The angry members went straight the police and filed an official complaint against the yoga business.

The Hipster Behind Hipster Yoga Speaks, Believes in “Hipster Recovery”: The Village Voice blog featured an exclusive interview with the creator of Hipster Yoga (and the even more genius, Hipster Kitty), Jon Raasch, who is from NYC but currently lives in Portland. So why Hipster Yoga? Said Jon, “Do you ever go to the gym and see a bunch of hipsters in their American Apparel gym outfits? I’ve always found that very funny.” Does he do yoga?  “I’ve taken yoga classes and do it on the Wii Fit… I really like the Triangle pose, but the Half-Lord of the Fishes has the funniest name.”

Psyllium and Shaved Shoulders: How My Preparations for Yoga School Went Awry: Writer Neal Pollack started yoga teacher training with Richard Freeman this week (after a successful fundraising campaign), and we’re so lucky that he’s going to blog about his adventures. His first installment from Boulder is written in his typical funny and self-deprecating style.

Obama Calls On Yogis to Help With Cleanup of the Gulf: Believe it or not, this isn’t even a real news story! YogaDawg rises from the ashes to offer some brilliant satirical commentary on the current oil spill mess in the Gulf Coast.

Kirsten Davis Facts: She Used to Teach Yoga and Is Sober: The Sex and the City star (Charlotte, fyi) used to teach yoga before her acting career took off. Breaking news! She also reveals, “When I work out, I listen to the young ladies: Beyonce, Miley, Gaga, Britney.”