Does this make you want to drink Smart Water or do yoga? You decide.

the good news
We all know the positive benefits of yoga, but it’s always good when scientific research supports this. The mainstream media has been all over a recent study which reveals that yoga helps cancer patients sleep better during treatment (YogaDork breaks it down here). According to the University of Rochester study, the people who were subjected to a four-week program of gentle hatha and restorative yoga twice a week “recorded nearly double the improvement in sleep quality and reduction of fatigue compared to those not practicing yoga. They also reported better quality of life overall” (via TIME).

the requisite celebrity news
Smart Water launched their new ad campaign, featuring Jennifer Aniston’s hot yogified bod. Which of course gives a reason to remind us about Jennifer’s Yogalosophy practice with yoga teacher to the stars (and Jenn’s roommate), Mandy Ingber.

the inspiring news celebrated Senior Citizen’s Day (May 19) with a sweet story about Frank Isaac, a 78-year-old who teaches free yoga classes to elders and retirees in San Diego. He has contributed over 7,500 hours to his community since 2003, and the outreach organization he created, Silver Age Yoga, has certified teachers in 10 states and two Canadian provinces. Frank is remarkably humble and sincere in his offering: “The rich old guys can come to the health clubs and pay a considerable amount of money for a class. But most of our clients are living on a limited income. If you’re not giving it to them for free, they are not going to come.”

the marketing news
Doing yoga turns up among the differences between older and younger female Yankees fans, in a Wall Street Journal survey of 650 baseball fans in New York City. Apparently, the younger Yankees fans (those under 45) have higher incomes and are more likely to have graduated from college than older fans. They also “tend to frequent high-end stores like Bergdorf Goodman and to have a yoga mat in the closet” – and bet on games, smoke marijuana and have been arrested. Yikes!

the old news that resurfaced this week
A couple of months ago, five women from Windsor, Ont. were denied entry to the US while en route to a yoga teacher training in Michigan. The Montreal Gazette reported that one of the women, Michelle Lam, has been barred from entering the U.S. for five years because she told a U.S. customs agent she was going shopping and did not at first admit she was also planning to study yoga. At a press conference this week, she said, “The whole yoga thing was for the soul and mind and good things. I didn’t expect it to be such a crime.” Yoga may not be a crime, but lying is a blatant defiance of one of the yamas, satya (truth).