Take a journey into the mystical origins of North Indian classical music in Raga Unveiled. The new film from Gita Desai (who also brought us the seminal yoga doc, Yoga Unveiled) will premiere in Montréal on Monday, May 17 with a special screening at La Sala Rossa. Gita will be in attendance at the screening. Raga, literally translated as “colour” or “mood,” is at essence a series of five or more notes upon which a melody is made, although the form is much more complex and subtle than definition allows. The practice of mantra yoga (recitation of sacred syllables) is rooted in the mysticism of raga. The film delves into the history, philosophy, theory, technique and spiritual significance of this transcendental musical form.

Raga Unveiled
7:30 pm, Monday, May 17
La Sala Rossa (4848 St Laurent)
Tickets $10 in advance, $12 at the door
Co-presented by Naada Yoga and the Kabir Cultural Centre

Yoga Unveiled
4 pm, Sunday, May 16
Naada Yoga (5540 Casgrain Ave)
Tickets $5