This week in yoga: Gwyneth Paltrow & Eddie Stern at the Bent on Learning gala fundraiser.

Welcome to “this week in yoga,” a new weekly feature – or, as I prefer, column – on it’s all yoga, baby. Every week, there are many stories and events in the yoga world that capture my interest, even though I may lack the time or energy to make a full post. “this week in yoga” is a place to capture these stories, a roundup, of sorts. My goal is to publish the blog column every Friday – we’ll see how that goes. It’s a fun challenge to take on, anyway.

And holy moly, we just finished off a very exciting week in yoga! The big news was the NY Times article about yoga’s “new wave.” When the NY Times speaks, we all listen, and this article sent waves through the whole bloga community, provoking reactions from many bloggers. It opened up a broader conversation about the value of yoga and accessibility, with thoughtful responses from Linda’s Yoga Journey and Brenda at Grounding Thru the Sit Bones. Even other non-yoga bloggers had a say, including Jezebel and some Catholic blog.

Accessibility was a recurring theme this week. Eddie Stern wrote about how yoga is a “vital endeavor” on HuffPo, featuring Bent on Learning. Even though it made him “uncomfortable” to invite the likes of Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow to the Bent on Learning gala fundraiser event, they showed up anyway. It’s good that celebrities are into accessible yoga, I guess…

The latest lululemon ad, featuring “camel toe” and YAMA-represented Sarita Lou sparked a great discussion over on YogaDork. And somehow the intrepid bloggers at Well+Good NYC scored some top secret information proving that the slogans found in Lululemon’s recycling prove “Say No to Camel Toe” was the best choice.

Did you know that Saturday, April 24 was World Yoga Day? Me neither! I know it’s technically last week, but this overlooked news is worth mentioning. Also notable news from last week, which remained relevant this week, was a spicy blog post and discussion about “yoga in the West” on elephant journal.