The blogosphere is bursting with stories about the tension-filled relationship between yoga and marketing – the recent NY Times article set off sparks around the yoga interwebs, and a fascinating conversation rages on  YogaDork regarding Lululemon’s latest ad campaign. However, a post on TechCrunch takes it to a whole other level.

Apparently, a new behavioral marketing target product developed by Blinkx, a large video search engine, has broken people into 9 categories – including “Yoga Moms,” women who are concerned about the environment, kids, family, and health and fitness.  This is how the product works:

Brands will be able to target specific segments by showing their ads only to Yoga Moms or Digital Dads. People are classified in the different buckets depending on what they watch. Binkx trains the system by extracting different concepts from each video and matching them to a profile. For instance, videos about children, crafts, soccer, or terrible twos are the types of things Yoga Moms supposedly watch. Advertisers can see the keywords associated with each psychographic profile to determine who they want to go after. [via TechCrunch]

So it looks like the “Yoga Mom” has replaced the “Soccer Mom” as the stereotypical (and economically powerful) middle class suburban woman with a family.  How do y’all feel about “yoga” being used as an adjective for a consumer with certain types of behaviors, along with Digital Dads, Gossip Girls and Bachelors? What does this say about the cultural perception of yoga and yoga practitioners?