Blurry iPhone pic of the spacious & soothing L'espace - Fanou Lanciault.

The latest stop on my Passport to Prana adventure takes me way out of my zone, into the Quartier Villeray (a neighbourhood about 20 blocks north of where I live). So not only was L’espace – Fanou Lanciault a new studio, but its location was entirely new to me.

The studio is on the second floor of an industrial building on St Laurent Boulevard. It’s open, spacious and clean, and looks out over Jarry Park. The name of the studio, Fanou Lanciault, is actually the name of the founder and primary teacher, and she just happened to be teaching the all levels Wednesday morning class that I attended.

Fanou is trained in the Kripalu tradition, so the class was relaxed and deep – though by no means easy or gentle. Fanou herself was definitely the highlight of the class. She has a bright and sparkling personality which shone through the whole room. Her acting background came through in her expressive way of teaching. We did a lot of sighing and she frequently broke out in a hearty and contagious laugh which was even bigger than her personality. She also seemed connected to her students, who were all regulars.

While there were a couple of other anglophones in the class, all of the instruction was in French (with the occasional detail in English when I was doing the completely wrong thing). I also learned a new anatomical term: l’aisselle, which means ‘armpit.’

L’espace – Fanou Lanciault
7755 St. Laurent Blvd, Suite 201B