There’s a new yoga hybrid about to hit the streets: Mobile Yoga. The art of doing yoga postures while inline skating. The Rollerblade brand is stepping out of the 90s and updating its image – by aligning with yoga! It’s so hip, so cool, so now, that perhaps some of that coolness will rub off on lame old inline skating.

YogaDork reported mumblings about the hybrid way back in July, and it looks like Rollerblade has finally got Mobile Yoga ready for the world. The website will launch on April 1. I know I sure can’t wait to see blissed out inline skaters rocking the Warrior pose on the streets of Montréal.

This is one hybrid that I’ll be avoiding. Aside from the fact no amount of association with yoga will make me think inline skating is cool, I also have no interest in doing yoga poses while moving. What about the rest of you? Or do you think this might just be the lamest yoga hybrid yet?