Today is a milestone in the history of it’s all yoga, baby, as we cross the threshold into the triple digits! We’ve come a long way since our first blog post (back when I used the first person singular in blog post titles ~ these days, I use the first person plural, though I still use first person singular in the text, unless I’m talking about something more generally blog-related, in which the blog itself is included ~ it is, like the “royal we,” a little bit arbitrary). Shortly after I wrote that landmark post, I received a comment from some internet wanderer and I didn’t even know what to do with it. That’s how blog clueless I was!

On that fateful April afternoon, I wrote: “This is just the beginning of my blogging adventures. Who knows what lies ahead!” And nobody has been more surprised than me at the scope of the adventure. I have virtually met many fascinating yogis, been involved in many lively conversations and debates about yoga, and even stirred up a little controversy. Most importantly, my understanding of yoga has expanded, and I’ve learned immeasurable things about the practice from the wonderful community of bloggers and practitioners. It’s still an evolving process, this yoga stuff, and the learning just keeps on keeping on.

As a birthday present of sorts, for you dear readers, here are some random little known facts about it’s all yoga, baby:

  • we’ve received over 52,000 pageviews and  770 comments from readers!
  • 22,000 of those pageviews arrived here by searching for the word “burlesque” ~ the second most searched term is “burlesque photos,” followed by “it’s all yoga, baby”
  • other interesting search terms which bring people to this blog: “striptease dancer,” “totally awesome yoga,” “derby kate and ben,” “yoga chakra workshop,” “baby clothes with yoga motives,” “nude yoga playboy,” “hindu toilet,” “if you buy shiva rea’s yoga wave on itunes,” “my passion for yoga pushes men away,” “mybooty,” “dance my underwear” ~ and of course, various combinations of the words “adidas,” “yoga” and “rainbeau mars”
  • our best blog friends (meaning, top referrers): YogaDork, Eco Yogini and Yogic Muse ~ thank you!!
  • our  most read posts: the sweet moves, “adidas yoga” class offered at yj conference (which wins the prize for the most commented on post), and playboy yoga: the end of the world as we know it (which resulted in the most pageviews in a single day, of course)

So if the first 100 posts have been this much fun, it can only get better in the next 100(s). We hope you’ll stick around for the continued adventures. Don’t miss out a single post or racy debate by subscribing to us by email (see the left side bar), becoming a fan on Facebook, and following us on Twitter!