Okay, whoa, what’s with the silence? In case you were thinking I jumped off a bridge or something, I’m letting y’all know that I’m still here, still lurking around the internets. January is hard, motivation is hard ~ but yoga, for me, is all about developing compassion, so I’m not going to be too hard on myself. But I will offer up a couple of explanations:

– my lower back “went out” (still don’t really know what that phrase means) 2 weeks ago, thanks to a new office chair. I replaced the bunk chair with a highly superior chair, but my back is still adjusting. This makes sitting at my desk, blogging, a not so pleasant experience. Then just as my back started to feel better, I developed a urinary tract infection. Starting to wonder if I have some first/second chakra issues that need to be dealt with…

– I started an Anusara teacher training program last weekend, so I’ve been really focused on my practice and studies (which have also provided relief from the nagging back pain). Felt like I should have blogged about it, but didn’t know what to say. Other than I love it (the training is actually part of a year and a half long Anusara “immersion” process ~ only 5 months to go). Love it, love it, love it!

– I’m numbed out by the whole Haiti earthquake situation, and blogging about yoga feels trivial in light of such a tragedy. For the first couple of days, I was aching with sorrow and heartbreak. Then I started to feel overwhelmed by the “calls to action” and the pleas for donations and the outpour of support. I think I’ve reached my saturation point, as the constant press coverage is starting to irritate me and make me feel like a “bad yogi.” What many people people are interpreting as a global symbol of our interconnectedness and an opportunity for service actually makes me feel disconnected and powerless. I gave some clothes, I gave some cash, and I wish I could offer more but I feel depleted.

– And to top it all off, there have been 13 hours of sunlight this month in Montreal. 13 hours! I haven’t seen the sun in over a week, and I’ve been experiencing a corresponding lethargy and sluggishness through my whole body and mind. Despite all the yoga (which seems to be the only antidote).

Anyway, my lovelies, soon I will be back in the swing of things. The holidays disrupted my little life routines, and I’ve had a hard time getting back into them. But I am, slowly and gently. In the meantime, here is the awesome Larry Platt and his “Pants on the Ground” audition for American Idol (the first viral sensation of 2010):