Hello y’all ~ I am back from my lovely winter vacation in the wild mountains of British Columbia and ready for a new year of blogging adventures! As I caught up on my blog reading from the past few weeks, I was excited to discover that the venerable YogaDawg named it’s all yoga, baby one of the “in” yoga blogs of 2010! I’m honoured to be tied with the brilliant YogaDork. Here’s what YogaDawg had to say about 2009:

This was year of the yoga blogger with their relentless flailing amidst the shout-downs of increasing corporate branding and degradation of ‘true yoga’. To the surprise and amusement of some seasoned yoga bloggers, b-list yogis showed up to comment on their blogs and defended their life style against these snarky yoga malcontents.

I’m proud to count myself among these yoga malcontents. Here’s to 2010 and another year of yoga trouble-making! Happy New Year, everyone!