This has nothing to do with yoga, but I love this graph for most searched celebrity scandals in 2009.

According to Google Zeitgeist, it just might be. On the list of “most googled” exercises in 2009, yoga ranked #9 (just above pole dancing). As the National Post noted:

Is yoga now on a downward trend? Or has the uber-trendy exercise suffered some sort of backlash due to expensive studio classes or, as Antonia Richmond says in a 2006 article in the San Francisco Chronicle,* a growing sense of insecurity from the non-yoga inclined masses:

“These are the yoga people. And they’re better than you…They don’t have the haggard appearance or sensitivity to bright sunlight that I do as I stumble down the street in search of coffee. They appear to … glow.”

Yoga-hater and creator of New York clothing company “It’s a Sickness”, Barnaby Harris went so far as to create an entire f— yoga clothing line.

Harris elegantly summed up the history of the ubiquitous trend, saying:

“Yoga has survived for thousands of years and will survive for thousands more. It’s just that it has gone unopposed for too damn long.”

Inferiority complexes aside, sales suggest that the yoga industry is doing quite well, recession or no recession. [National Post]

I couldn’t find any information on where yoga placed last year. A brief jaunt through the 2008 Year-End Google Zeistgeist revealed no similar category. However, sources reveal that in 2007 yoga was #2, just after pilates, in the fitness category.

Is there any validity to the Google Zeitgeist report? When do you think yoga will peak? And is there anyone else out there waiting for the boom to bust, so we can just carry on with our practice without the commercial craziness?

(*Be sure to click through to the SF Chronicle article ~ it’s a very good read!)