Yoplait Asana looks right at home in my fridge.

After a heroic search through the grocery stores in my neighbourhood, I finally located some Yoplait Asana (none of the “fruiteries” – that’s what people in Montréal call the fruit/veggie markets – and health food stores I normally frequent carried the stuff). So by popular demand, I bring you The Great Yoplait Taste Test!

Before I get into the actual yogourt itself, I just want to point out the excessive packaging. Eight individual containers wrapped in cardboard. Not cool, Yoplait. The yogourt wasn’t even available in a larger container (although according to their website, it does come in a 650 g version).

I selected the Strawberry/Fieldberry option over the Peach/Vanilla. I had one of each the Strawberry and Fieldberry ~ one is purplish and one is pinkish, but they taste pretty much the same. The flavour… how do I describe the flavour? A bit like plastic, really. Smooth, creamy plastic.  To be honest, I find that most commercial yogourts taste a little plastic-y. I think it’s the pectin, gelatin and cornstarch.

I wish I had more to say about the taste of this yogourt, but I don’t. I find it more interesting as a cultural artifact. And really, while I’m always on the watch for blatant commercialization and misrepresentation of yoga, I think this product is quite innocuous and amusing.

What it says is that marketers have caught on to the power of yoga’s commercial pull. Yoplait wanted to add a new product to it’s family of yogourt (which also includes fat-free and aspartame-free Source, cheese-infused Minigo, and spoon-free Tubes which come in flavours “Babang” and “Kaboum”), and they wanted something that would appeal to the health-conscious, calcium-concerned moms.

The word asana suggests health, strength and flexibility ~ if you actually know what it means. I think most people think yoga is yoga and poses are poses, and the word will have no major emotional pull.

And this yogourt is certainly  not the first product to appropriate the word asana. Today I was browsing through a trendy casual clothing store and I found an adorable wrap-style dress. I checked the tag (for the price, which was way out of my league) and found that it was called the Asana Tunic. I think that almost every yoga clothing company has an asana pant, and there are even chairs and weightloss products.

So we’ll see how this plays out. I suspect that the Yoplait Asana will be on the cooler shelves for a year or two, and then fade away (or be replaced with Yoplait Pilates ~ which has a nice ring, actually).