i_produit_FamilleOkay, so we all know that it’s not cool when major corporations tack their name onto the word “yoga.” How about when companies which have nothing to do with the practice apply yogic vocabulary to their products? A new yogourt, Yoplait AsanaTM, does just that:

Developed especially for women, Yoplait AsanaTM is a delicious, smooth and creamy yogourt whose name means “posture” in the yoga world.

Yoplait AsanaTM is the only yogourt in Canada with a unique fortified recipe for strong bones. Not only is Yoplait AsanaTM a good source of vitamin D, but it also contains twice as much calcium as our regular yogourt.

The people at Yoplait have done their homework, and are well aware that 72.3% of Canadian yoga practitioners are women (according to a 2005 Print Measure Bureau survey; a 2008 Yoga Journal survey indicates similar US stats). They’re also aware that 70% of Canadian women don’t get enough calcium, and that 1 in 4 women over the age of 50 are at risk of developing osteoporosis.

So it looks like the recent Yoplait yoga ad (which made waves through the bloga community in the summer) was a way of priming people for their new product. Hmmm…

[Thanks to EcoYogini for the hot tip! She actually saw this stuff in the grocery store but refused to buy it!]