20090917 I’ve been a little quiet on the blog front lately, while I’ve been tending to other creative projects (and adjusting to the demands of full-time French school). One of the fruits of my labour is this cover story in Hour, a Montréal arts and entertainment weekly. I had the pleasure of  talking to Scarlett James, organizer of the first annual Montréal Burlesque Festival, which starts today and runs until Sept 20. While researching the story, I was surprised to discover that burlesque faces some of the same challenges as yoga ~ tradition vs evolution, commercialization, hybridization, and the risk of being “dumbed down” as the art form becomes more mainstream. I’ll have more to say about that later… in the meantime, you can expect some kind of recap of the festival, since I’ll be checking out some of the gala events and participating in workshops and drinking martinis all weekend. Glitter and tassels and feathers, oh my!

Read about my brief flirtation with burlesque.