The weekend has already started, so I’m a little slow on the uptake with this week’s round-up (when you’re unemployed, the weekend starts Thursday evening…). The heat has been suffocating this week, and it’s supposed to rain all weekend so we can expect humid, sweaty dampness. Fight the urge to lay in a bathtub full of cold water and check out some of the yoga-esque activities around town…

Heal thyself! Monika Müller‘s Bio-Cosmic Energy and Self-Healing workshop promises tantric/yogic/shamanic practices to “help develop sensitivity to the body’s energy, including its flow through our hands, and the energy centres of the body.” Awesome – we could all improve our ability to tap into our own self-healing potential.

June 27 – 28, Centre Kinesphêre 1565 Mont Royal East

Rock out! Okay, I know I give Naada Yoga a lot of airtime on this here blog, but that’s because it’s the dream yoga studio that I’ve always wanted to see in my neighbourhood ~ and it’s practically next door to my house! This weekend, the studio will be holding the first in the Naada Live series, with co-owner Jason Sharp, the divine Sam Shalabi and others providing an evening of non-kirtan-but-totally-yogic music.

June 27, 7:00 – 10:00 pm, Naada Yoga 5540 Casgrain

Sounds like ommmm! Homegrown drone rockers Triceratreetops channel the sound of the universe and it’s always awesome. Due to the birth of baby Emmett, it’s been a long time since this trio has been on stage. Finally, yay!

June 28, 9:00-ish (or whenever), le Cagibi 5490 St Laurent Blvd (click here for entertaining restaurant review)