yoga-journal-art-webThere’s been a lot of buzz in the yoga blogging (or, “bloga”) community about a little article in the August issue of Yoga Journal. It looks like YJ has noticed some of the noisiest yoga bloggers on the www and is paying attention to how this reflects the eclecticism and connection within the real-life yoga community.

It’s exciting to see some of the blogs that I regularly read get some recognition, and it’s equally exciting to discover some fresh new blogging voices. YogaDork has the full list here, complete with links (and so graciously notes the omission of my wee blog ~ which probably didn’t even exist when the article was being written, that’s the thing about print media).

I’ve loved making the transition from the static and somewhat aloof print form (with its production schedules, deadlines and endless revision process) to the dynamic, connected, spontaneous blog-world. I’ve loved stepping out of the editor’s chair and having the chance to work with my own words, develop my own voice. So here’s to my little blogging practice, to the bloga-sphere, and to the interconnected web of yogis who are thinking and writing about their yoga practices!