As far as straight-up “yoga” goes, it’s going to be a pretty quiet weekend. Or maybe the Montreal yoga community is just planning on hanging out at the Fringe Festival beer tent all weekend – there’s a lot of competition, even for the hardcore yogis, as Montreal’s festival season officially kicks off. It’s good to take a break from the asanas and explore the other aspects of the practice – and life! As we all know, yoga is more than “yoga.”

Marvel at the human form! Contortionist Andréane Leclerc can do things with her body that most people only dream of doing. It’s not yoga, dude, she’s just born that way. But she’s also philosophical about it, describing her improvised contortionism to the Montreal Mirror as “an ‘ongoing research into Being’ —about the joy of connecting with the moment and the relationship between the public and a character on stage.” Check out her wicked dropback and hand balancing video below.

June 13 – 21 at Tangente (840 Cherrier), ESTe: pulsion morte au accouchement libere

Marvel at reality! Israeli artist Michal Rovner’s exhibition, Particles of Reality, bridges art and science to explore connection, separation and what makes us human. It’s hard to explain, but this article breaks it down.

Particles of Reality at DHC/ART (451 St-Jean Street) until Sept 27, 2009.

Embrace your inner shaman! Get out of the city for the weekend and create a medicine wheel to heal yourself, find some direction, or solve all your problems. Explore this ancient shamanic practice and return to the city a whole new person (or at least, the same old person with a little more clarity).

June 13 & 14, Introduction to the Medicine Wheel Workshop with Liddy Flewwelling (undisclosed location in the Eastern Townships).

Nurture shakti energy! Montreal’s first ever Rock Camp for Girls will happen this summer, and some local girl-centric bands will be rocking out to raise funds for the 5-day event. Come out to see Nightwood, Little Scream and Gisele Number One, and finish the night off by shaking your booty to DJ Lynne T (of Lesbians on Ecstasy).

June 13, 9:30pm, Il Motore (179 Jean Talon W)