n179181930857_7531Well, it’s about time Montreal got its own burlesque festival. Vancouver has one, Toronto has one, and as the undisputed sexiest city in Canada, Montreal deserves one. Fortunately for all of us burlesque fans in the 514, some local ladies got their act together and have organized the first annual Montreal Burlesque Festival, to be taking place September 18 – 20, 2009.

So far, Coco Framboise and Michelle L’Amour (Miss Exotic World 2005) are confirmed, along with Montreal burlesque stars, Seska Lee and Miss Sugarpuss. The organizers are accepting performer applications until July 15. The weekend is going to be chock full of sexy events, including an all-star evening showcase, an awards ceremony, workshops and brunch (who says Sunday morning brunch can’t be saucy?). And since Montreal has a history of being a Sin City, there’ll be a historical, educational aspect to the festival as well.

Yeah, okay, so what does burlesque have to do with yoga? Nothing! And everything! They just happen to be two things I like, among the many things that I embrace and find joy in. It’s all yoga, baby, right? I’ve already put forward my thoughts on burlesque+yoga (I like my sexy dance and my asanas served separately, thank you ~ though I approach both with the same spirit).  You’re not going to find me doing sun salutations in lingerie or a feather boa, and I’m not searching for some hybridized yogalesque classes (or burgesque, burlga, burloga, yolesque, or whatevs ~ all possibilities that surfaced during a crazy wall discussion on my Facebook profile).

What I’m searching for is the answer to a question posed by a wise yogi friend: How do you find the One while enjoying burlesque?

More on that later. In the meantime, here’s a Michelle L’Amour vid from America’s Got Talent. It’s American television, so it’s pretty safe, but still creative. And… David Hasselhoff!