hawaiian-yoga-retreatsImagine this: you’re trying to shake off your stress and busy-ness in your weekly Friday morning yoga class. You’ve just OM-ed, done a few sun salutations and are starting to feel the tension melt from your muscles. And then… a machete-wielding man crashes the party! This actually happened at a Hawaiian yoga studio on June 5. The guy with rags around his head and a machete in his hand tried to steal a purse, but the yogis tackled him and retrieved it. He escaped and then lead police on a 20-mile car chase.

Perhaps the thief had been convinced by Time Magazine that all yogis are yuppies and he’d be able to score big loot by robbing a yoga class… Whatever the motive, we all have the right to feel safe and secure in our yoga classes (and our workplaces, schools, homes), and this kind of violence is really disturbing. Om Shanti, yo.

[via Yoga Video, The Garden Island News]