How can I move beyond myself and begin to change and transform the world? How do take what I’ve gained from my personal yoga practice and give back? Seane Corn and Mark Lilly explore these questions and much more in this super inspiring video from the ‘Yoga, Mindfulness & Service Summit,’ which took place at the Omega Institute on May 17-21.

This summit sounds completely fascinating, but I couldn’t find any more information on it. I’d love to hear more about the speakers and workshops ~ if anyone out there attended, please make a comment about your experience!

Living a life of service is one of my ideals, and I try to embody this in my yoga teaching. This happens in an overt way through the free community classes I offer at the Mile End Mission, but I can still bring this ideal into the private sessions for which I receive pay. Simply being present and compassionate is service. However, I still feel that I’m at the “individual = interesting” phase and not quite moving into the “collective = revolution” level.

On the collective level, I’m really inspired by the efforts of Yoga Bear, a non-profit organization which provides free yoga classes for post-treatment cancer survivors. With the combination of being organized and having a long-term vision, Yoga Bear can make a difference in people’s lives at a collective level. And hopefully I can serve them just a little bit by mentioning them here and increasing their chances of winning $3K!

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