Would this man do yoga?

Is this the face of a yoga-practising rapper?

I spent 24 hours outside of the city, building a sweat lodge with a bunch of women in rural Quebec, and I returned to newsfeeds full of crazy yoga stories. It may be a holiday in Canada, but the machine carries on in other parts of the world. Here are the most entertaining stories on this Canadian holiday Monday:

  • Eminem does yoga! He’s come out of “retirement” with a new album, Relapsed, and has kicked some nasty habits. “Eminem is now an advocate of a healthy lifestyle (with yoga replacing drugs),” a Bloomberg.com article says. However, according to Eminem’s rep, Dennis Dennehy, “That is completely ridiculous, Eminem works out, but he doesn’t know what yoga is.” There are also reports that he lead his crew through a prayer before a recent concert in England, which is kind of a yogic thing to do.  [via NY Daily News]
  • This Daily Mail title says it all: “BBC unveils animated, yoga-loving hippies that teach children to get in touch with their emotions” Each episode of a new show, Waybuloo, features little yoga exercises for two-to-five year olds. So cute! I actually think this show looks awesome and I would want my children to watch it, and I would probably even watch it myself.