jarvis cocker is so adorable

jarvis cocker is so adorable

Or rather, playing yoga music for common people. Former Pulp frontman, Jarvis Cocker, is performing live music for a yoga class in a Paris art gallery this week. Today was his first day in the gallery. For those of us who don’t live in Paris, the performances (which are day-long and include much more than yoga classes) are being streamed on his website and archived for future viewing.

When I checked out the livestreaming action, a roomful of children were bouncing around while Jarvis rocked out on a guitar. I love the idea of doing yoga in a Paris art gallery to the music of Jarvis Cocker.

And yoga is just part of four days of art gallery events (which include “children’s day,” pilates classes, aerobics, “quiet hour” and “dancing,” in which the band plays “music designed to dance to”). One could easily spend the whole week there.

While reading all the stories about this event, I wondered: does Jarvis Cocker even practise yoga? Should I assume he does if he’s playing music for a yoga class taught by a qualified instructor?

After a moderately thorough search of “does jarvis cocker do yoga?” not a lot of info came up. So perhaps he doesn’t, or perhaps he doesn’t talk to the media about it.

He told the BBC that in this project he is asking, “What is music?” Not sure if that involves any kind of yogic, or even spiritual, search for Jarvis. But whatevs, I’d still like to listen to his tunes while doing a yoga practice in a Paris art gallery.

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