fridge altar

I have an altar in my bedroom and that’s a good place for it. Quiet, sacred, soft and a little bit removed. But tonight while I was eating dinner, I realized that my real altar might be in my kitchen. On my fridge. I’ve adorned my fridge door with images that are important to me, important enough that I need to look at them on a daily basis, and they have a spiritual resonance. Here’s a little tour of my fridge altar, clockwise from the top left hand corner:

– ticket for Patti Smith concert, October 2007

Yoshitomo Nara postcard from my friend Liz  – she said something about this girl (the bangs) reminded her of me

– picture of St Anne, which I purchased at her shrine in St Anne du Beaupre

– picture of my Granny Addie, who is kind of a saint herself

– whiteboard, where I write things I want to manifest in my life (tomorrow: French class! and calling EI and tahini)

Susan Moss business card, one of her excellent roller derby pics

– 2009 Pisces horoscope, courtesy of Georgia Nicols

– Anusara invocation (small purple square)… and directly above it:

– my burlesque teacher, and above her is a flyer for a party at Cagibi

– look down a little to the left and you’ll see a roller derby bout flyer (Les Filles du Roi vs La Racaille)

– the Cat Corner (my Auntie Kay’s cat – not really sure why Whiskers is on my fridge, just thought the picture/card was cute – and Cat vs Treat Bag)

– and finally, two pictures of the ashram that I consider my spiritual home